For a List of Missionaries Westview supports, click HERE.

Westview supports the following local ministries:
BAGS 4 KIDS: Westview exclusively partners with community corrections to support kids in emergency trauma situations. For more information, click HERE.
HARVESTERS: The first Friday of every month, Westview partners with a food pantry distribution truck. For more information, click HERE.
HIS (HELPING INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS:  Jo Wolters is the Westview contact person for HIS. To learn more, contact jwolters@cox.net or go to www.hismanhattan.org
HOMESTEAD: The Homestead is a ministry of Westview Community Church. The Homestead will be a safe, residential home for ministry to English-speaking women, 18 and older, who have exited the sex industry and are ready to enroll in school or enter into a job apprenticeship.
LIFE CHOICE MINISTRIES: For more info please email lifechoice@sbcglobal.net or see brochure
LIONS BEAUTY QUEENS MANHATTAN: A monthly outreach to dancers in area strip clubs with gifts & a rose in order to encourage women in the clubs and to give them hope for better life options.
PERSPECTIVES: Perspectives is a Christian education course designed to help believers learn about God’s heart for the nations and how believers worldwide can play an active role in the Great Commission! For more information contact Hallie Brantl or hbrantl12@gmail.com.  You can also pick up a Perspectives brochure in the lobby or visit http://www.perspectives.org
SHEPHERD’S CROSSING: Information, visit their website http://www.shepherdscrossing.info/ or email director@shepherdscrossing.info/ is an ecumenical ministry which provides assistance to families in need. They are funded by area churches. For more visit their website http://www.shepherdscrossing.info/ or email director@shepherdscrossing.info/