517222_12150_572325Lawrence Lesas
Lawrence is a pastor, missionary and Jesus Film team leader continuing the work amongst the Samburu people of north central Kenya.   Lawrence was one of the first graduates of the Samburu Bible Training Centre in Maralal, Kenya and his primary mission is sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ through the Samburu version of the Jesus Film.  Using the Jesus Film, and solar powered audio players with Bible stories, Lawrence is leading teams to reach the remote villages in northern Kenya.  The Samburu are less than 4% Christian and number around 250,000 people.   Please pray for the work God is doing amongst the Samburu and pray for Lawrence and the others who are sharing the story of Jesus in the heart language of Samburu.
517222_12150_572328Shelley Chapman
Shelley is a missionary sent by Westview through World Gospel Mission to West Africa. Due to security reasons, we cannot detail Shelley’s ministry on this website. Please pray for Shelley and others on her team as they equip pastors to bring the Good News throughout West Africa.
517222_12150_568435George and Sheree Wuertz
George and Sheree left Westview for the mission field in summer 2004, completed language school in Costa Rica, then began their assignment in Ecuador. They currently live in the Andes Mountains in Racar in a small town near Cuenca. Their specific call to the mission field for a long-term basis came on a Sunday in Kansas when a pastor from Ecuador delivered the morning’s sermon. They hope to be light to God’s Word and truth to individuals, couples and families as they walk out life in the midst of joys and pains, so that they may introduce them to Jesus as their personal Savior, companion, and healer. George and Sheree both earned B.S. degrees from Kansas State University —George’s in civil engineering with minor in leadership and Sheree’s in psychology with leadership minor and coaching endorsement. Sheree also received her Master of Science degree from KSU in marriage and family therapy. The have three sons Daniel, Nathan and Joel.
517222_12150_572326Allyssa Savu
serves in Romania as a Team Expansion missionary partnering with Remember the Children. She is currently in her first year of language and culture learning. During this time she seeks out opportunities to get involved, practice her language skills and learn more about the culture. These opportunities include: volunteering with Beauty from Ashes (a ministry that works with girls who have aged out of the orphanages and been send out into the world without the life skills to provide for their needs), helping with kids clubs at local orphanages, getting involved in a local house church, building relationships with Romanians, and spending time in Roma villages building relationships and teaching children about Jesus. Allyssa looks forward to God shaping her role and ministry among the Roma people. 
517222_12150_572327Jennifer Harper
worshipped and served with Westview during her studies at K-State and Manhattan Christian College from 1983 – 1989. In 1991 she joined Wycliffe Bible Translators and has been serving in Nigeria, West Africa. She is trained as a linguist, language surveyor, and literacy specialist. Her first term of service in Nigeria (1994-1999) was spent identifying possible translation needs through sociolinguistic research. Since 1999, Jennifer has been serving as a literacy specialist on a mega- team helping facilitate both literacy and Bible translation among millions in that nation . She also spends significant time training people from Nigeria and other West African nations to do Bible translation and literacy themselves. In 2013 she completed a master’s degree in Hebrew and is now focusing on consulting with translators working on the Old Testament to help them further improve the quality of their translations and their skills in using Hebrew themselves in their translation process.
517222_12150_639897Michelle Haupt and Nicholle Haupt
are siblings serving with Wycliffe Bible Translators in Tanzania.  They have been part of the Westview Community Church family since the fall of 1998 and consider Westview their
church home.  After taking the Perspectives on the World Christian Movement class in 2004, God began to work in both of their hearts about the possibility of serving cross-culturally. They were involved in various ministries at Westview from 1998 to 2015.  In January 2015, they began full-time ministry with Wycliffe. Michelle and Nicholle work in Tanzania to support the work of Bible translation.  They serve in language communities who are receiving God’s Word in their heart language for the very first time. Their primary work will be helping people who are gaining access to these newly translated Scriptures to engage and use the Bible in their communities.  
517222_12150_568444Missionary serving in East Asia. Identity protected. Location not disclosed
Missionary serving in Mongolia. Due to security concerns , we are unable to disclose the name or details.